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The online course that teaches you how to turn your SMM side hustle into a business, begin hitting $5k months, and sign dream clients.


  • You went into this business to work less, but you find yourself working 8+ hours a day
  • You don’t feel like your clients value you because your prices don’t reflect your worth
  • You’re networking like crazy but can’t seem to book new clients
  • You’re frustrated that it seems like every other SMM is celebrating $5k months and you can’t seem to even get close to that number

Flip The Script And Imagine This...

 Ideal Clients sliding into your DMs, asking how they can work with you.

Signing a new dream client, injecting an additional $1k recurring monthly income into your biz

Feeling excited to send invoices that relay your true value 

Building out a team to help support you

Working less, enjoying the freedom you worked so hard for

The online course that teaches you how to turn your SMM side hustle into a business, begin hitting $5k months, and sign dream clients.

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Downloadable Worksheets, Checklists & Scripts

You’re going to love these tangible takeaways that you can reference long after you completed the program. These are the exact documents that I use with our clients so I am sure that they will help you skyrocket your business as well!

Lifetime Access to 12 Value-Packed Modules, Prework, and Bonus Lessons

Each week, we’ll cover a new module that will teach you the steps and strategies you need to build a profitable, sustainable business. 

Instant access to the course

In each module we'll cover a new topic that will teach you the steps and strategies. When you jpay in full, you will have immediate access to all modules, so you can start bingeing right away.
You will also have lifetime access to all updates of the course!


Just think of me as your fairy godmother turned marketing coach.

I’m here with my magic wand to help you hit your next (or first) $5k month!

I know how daunting it can be to try and market your own business after you’ve just spent all day creating content for your clients.

Trust me, I used to hate the idea of needing to sign another client too.

I started out sending $100 invoices because I had no idea how to showcase my value or close a new client. I’m guessing you’ve felt the same.

No one teaches you these things!

This is exactly why I created Stop Scrolling, Start Scaling for you. This is the program that will teach you how to turn your side hustle into your full time business, and go from overwhelmed to effortless.

Since starting my own Social Media Agency, we went from $100 invoices to multiple five-figure months and this is possible for you too. Inside Stop Scrolling, Start Scaling, I’m teaching you how to do it for yourself so that you can leave your 9-5, support your family, and love what you do.

Don’t get it twisted -
your Social Media Management hustle is a

And you are worth of massive compensation 💸

You are made for this.

You are your own boss which means you get to decide how much money you make each month.


If you're ready to hit the next level in your business, you need to:

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  • 12 value-packed Modules taught by your Coach Emma
  • The exact templates, scripts, worksheets, and checklists you need right now
  • Lifetime access to this course, as well as any updates in the future

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Becoming A Leader

The first module is starting with a BANG. We’re looking closely at Market Research, Sales, + Building Authority as foundations for marketing your business and signing more clients. You’ll learn how to Build Authority through your content so that your audience is warm and ready to buy your next offer.

Honing In On Your Ideal Client

Who your Ideal Client is informs all of your content and the way you speak with your audience. You’re going to work through exercises to get clear on who this person is and walk away with clear action steps to create content that converts.

Profitable Packages

Crafting an Offer Suite that speaks to your Ideal Client will save you time and increase your conversion rate. You’re going to walk away with new offer ideas, a proposal outline, and a Secret Menu to have on deck to up/downsell a potential client.

Marketing Madness

Marketing your business is all about increasing your visibility. Together, we’ll cover all of the online platforms you need to be on, the content you should be creating to speak to your Ideal Client, and how you can speak their language to make more sales.

The Importance of Insights

You’ll learn which numbers are important for different types of content, how to beautifully showcase these to clients,and how to use insights to sell your packages. While many clients struggle to understand these numbers, you’re going to #HumbleBrag about your expertise to close the deal. 

Creative Captions + Hashtag Strategy

You know how to write captions for your clients' businesses - now it’s time to focus on your own! This week is all about writing copy that connects with your Ideal Client, building Story Trainings off of your captions, and using Hashtags to increase your reach and connect with more clients.

Selling Your Services

We’re moving into the juicy stuff now and learning how to sell your Offer Suite! You’re going to learn how to attract premium clients, use DMs to pitch, and use sales psychology to close the deal. Think of this week as your crash course in sales.

Goal Setting

This module is split into two parts - goals for yourself + your clients goals. You’ll work through setting income and sales goals for your business, as well as learn how to include goal setting in your sales calls and onboarding questionnaires. This will help with client retention and making sure you’re only signing Dream Clients.

Premium Client Experience

In an “oversaturated market”, your client’s experience is what will set you apart. We’ll cover how to create exciting touch points, gifting, tax write offs, and client check-ins. All of these factors will create raving fans that will sell your services for you.

Keep Them Coming Back For More

You’ve signed a client! YES! Now what? You need to keep them coming back for more. Together, we’ll cover how to create long term contracts, add-on packages you can offer your clients to continuously upsell them, and design a referral system that benefits everyone.

Perfecting Your Proposal

Learn how to beautifully showcase the work you’ve done while selling a new client on your talents and services. You’ll learn how to build a proposal document that speaks to your Ideal Client, even if you’ve only had a few clients so far!

Building A Team

You may be solo for now, but having a team is what will allow you to SCALE. You’ll learn how to search for potential hires, what to look for in an interview, how to onboard new team members, and how to nurture the team you’ve created. This week is a forward look into the future of your booming business and it’s all about upwards growth!

Social Media Management 101

We’re going back to the basics! As a prerequisite of the program, you’ll need to complete this module before diving into the rest. Here, we are covering the skills you need as a SMM, what it looks like to complete your pivot from VA to SMM, and how to set yourself up for success in this booming industry!


SMM Toolbox

In your bonus module, we’re covering the things no one talks about! From writing a lawyer-approved contract and how to optimize your Google Drive, to increasing your prices with a current client - we’re talking about it all! I’m peeling back the curtain on my own business to show you the ropes.

This is for you if...

You’re a Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant

You’re ready to sign more clients

You want this year to be your most successful year yet

You feel lost in growing your business

You’re craving community

This is NOT for you if...

You don’t have experience with Social Media Marketing

You’re not ready to put in the work

You’re okay with staying at $1-2k months

You have an “I don’t need help” mentality

You’re looking for a quick fix

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