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Learn how to create content that converts in less than 30 mins/day

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Creating content that converts and consistent cash flow in your business is achieved through one simple shift -


It’s time you build a recognizable brand, gain confidence as a creator, and hone your online marketing leadership skills with this brand-new minicourse!

Fun fact:

This course is in a completely “bingeable” format – as in grab a glass of perfectly chilled Australian Sauvignon Blanc {our Founder’s FAVORITE} and fly through the modules quicker than you would your favorite movie on Netflix.

More than that though, we designed this minicourse with you in mind so that you can implement these skills starting TODAY, with the overall goal of completing your content in as few as 10-30 minutes each day.

Because if a piece of content takes you longer than 30 minutes to create, it’s a sign that you deserve a repeatable system that’s streamlined and easily executed.

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When you join this course,
you get:

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  • 4 comprehensive modules with 2 lessons each

  • Tons of downloadable content

  • An action plan for the 2 types of engagement: Inbound engagement + Outbound engagement

  • Transformational information in less than 10 minutes/day {1.5 hours of content total!}

  • An opportunity for 1:1 support from our team, when that level of support feels like your next right move

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